Tips to Dress for Your Body Shape

Dorra Slim tips to dress for different type of body shape

Most of us are guilty of falling victim to the lean and toned looking models parading on online shopping website’s gallery and making bad purchases from expecting to look equally stunning in the same outfit. More often than not, the reality sinks in when we receive the item and anticipates for the moment of truth… it is not what we expected to see.

We would blame the cut, blame the seller or even start doubting our own body, thinking why couldn’t we look as good as these models. Other than exercising or going through diet plans to lose our belly fat and to achieve the desired figure, understanding your body shape and wearing the right outfit makes a huge visual difference! This will be the fastest way to lose weight… visually. Cover the flaws, and flaunt your asset.

Preps Before the Big Buy

Firstly, check out the review of the site or shop that you’re intending to purchase from. Key points to look out for would be the credibility and reliability of the information provided. The goods have to be of its description in order for the next point to work.

Secondly, understand your body shape. This provides you a better visualisation of the outfit before making the purchase. From there, we move on to looking at the cut and details, as well as the material used that would suit your unique shape. Choosing the size would be the final step, so make sure to measure your vital stats!

How to Dress For Your Body Shape / Understanding Your Shape

Majority of us are not blessed with the hourglass figure, and most of the celebrities are not spared as well! So what better way to present ourselves by tossing tons of visual illusion and outfits that fits your curves. These are the alternatives to losing weight fast… visually. You can find out your body shape here.

Pear-Shaped Outfits

With majority of your weight focused on your lower body, the rule of the thumb would be to shift that focus to your top. Go for tops with suitable necklines and pair them with statement necklaces, or choose an embellished blouse.

Layer, layer, layer. You need to build up your torso to even out your overall body shape. However, ensure that your tops are of the right length so that you don’t emphasize on your lower body. It should preferably end slight below your hipbones.

Pick the right pair of heels to elongate the proportion of your legs will make a huge difference, too!


  • Jackets
  • Deep, plunging necklines and off-shoulders
  • Tunic dresses
  • Tailored bottoms
  • Boot cut and flare jeans


  • Tops that extend beyond your hips or cuts slightly below your belly button
  • Patterned or bright coloured bottoms
  • Cigarette style trousers
  • Tight fitting bottoms

Apple-Shaped Outfits

Hide that unflattering bulging tummy with blouse with drapes that extends to your hips. This creates the visual illusion that the bulge comes from the top and not from you. Another tip would be choosing the perfect jacket or blazer that suits your shoulder length.

To steer clear of having a wardrobe malfunction would be flaunting your bust and legs and hide the tummy. It will be ideal to go for materials that does not cling onto your skin, and provide some allowance.


  • Puffed sleeve and shoulder pads
  • Empire cut and wrapped dresses
  • Jackets
  • Materials that are silky and soft


  • Additional details or pattern near tummy
  • Thick belts
  • Tight fitting tops
  • Dresses with nipped waistline at tummy

Banana-Shaped Outfits

Also known as the rectangle body shape, ladies that falls within this category should emphasize on creating a silhouette with waistline. The optimal choice of staple should be belts for your body shape, to create a dimension for your slim straight figure. Go for dresses that are nipped at the waist area or A-line skirts to emphasize on the feminine curves.

Peplum anything would be your best bet at creating that curvy silhouette. Opt for accessories to draw attention away from your waistline. Ladies with this body shape is able to own just about any skirt and bottom effortlessly.


  • Good brassier to enhance on your bust size
  • Jackets with tailored waist
  • A-line skirts and
  • Detailed or embellished tops and blouse


  • Shapeless and wrapped dresses
  • Belts at waist
  • Tight fitted tops
  • Tuck in your shirt

Inverted Triangle Outfits

For the inverted triangle body shape ladies, you tend to have a broader shoulder as compared to your narrow hips. In order to balance out your silhouette, use bright colours, details and patterns for your bottoms, this creates an illusion of having a hip that matches your stature. A-line, pleated and full skirts would look amazing. So avoid bottoms that clads to your slim hips and legs.

Pick tops or blouse that gives a beautiful V-neck or off shoulder cut, toga a.k.a one shoulder would work well, too. Boat neck or puffy sleeve tops are a no-go!


  • Harem pants and boyfriend style pants
  • Colour and patterns for bottoms
  • Straight dresses
  • Square cut necklines


  • Narrowed down pencil skirts
  • Wide, oversized collars
  • Thin or narrow strapped top

Mix and Match to Suit Your Shape and Style / Empowering Your Curves
Top these up with spray of confidence to complete your get up, and you will be owning the spotlight. Dare to trial and error, to get out of your comfort zone with different cuts and textures. You’ll never know when a certain outfit would surprisingly fit your body shape well!

*As the body fat composition varies from person to person, some differences in dorra’s treatment results across individuals are normal and should not been seen as atypical..