Lower body weight gain is a cause for concern to many ladies. In fact, Singaporean women are now having it worse.


With 4 in 10 Singaporeans being overweight, it comes as no surprise that women are facing a myriad of weight problems.

In Asian women,


A waist size of  > 80cm raises the risk of heart disease.


An excess of fats on the hips is commonly associated with
weaker memory.


Over accumulation of fats on the thighs can easily
lead to cellulite
and its associated problems.

Be it bulging tummy, wide hips, saggy butt or chunky thighs – It seems that no modern woman can escape from these lower body weight problems, perhaps with the exception of the French.

Svelte and chic, laid-back yet sophisticated – French women have their unique ways of keeping their bodies in tip-top condition.

Unravelling this little-known secret, dorra, the Tummy, Hip, and Thigh Slimming Expert arrived in Singapore in 2011 with the exclusive fat-burning formulations and body-shaping technologies from France.

dorra Formula

Effectively targeting the main culprit of fat accumulation, triglyceride, ladies can expect to see visible CM loss* off their bulging tummies, wide hips and chunky thighs in just one session with the attested formulation.

Breaks Down



With its small molecular size (0.01% of human cells), the formula is engineered to penetrate easily into fat cells, breaking down triglyceride into water, glycerol and energy.




The tiny product molecules that have penetrated into fat cells continue to work for the next 12 hours, burning triglycerides and preventing the formation of new ones.



Dorra Slim fat cells being burned

The active formula also increases body metabolism, shrinks fat cells and promotes efficient discharge of the broken down triglycerides from the body to solve lower body weight problems.