No Sweat! : Getting A Flat Tummy Without Exercise


No Sweat! : Getting A Flat Tummy Without Exercise

Love handles and muffin tops are the bane of every woman’s existence, in spite of their rather endearing names. We absolutely understand the everyday woes of struggling to button up your pants or squeezing yourself into a pair of skinny jeans. But yet, not everyone is able to adhere to a regular exercise schedule or go on healthy weight loss diets. If you are frustrated with your stubborn belly fats and want a no-sweat solution, read on to find out how to shed those pounds effortlessly!

Beginner level

  • Practice Mindful Eating. Having your meals away from distractions like the television, smartphone and computer can help you to savour your food, eat slowly and lose weight!One way to slow down your eating would be to use a pair of chopsticks instead of fork and spoon. It is harder to pick up food with chopsticks as with fork and spoon and that would allow your stomach more time to realise that it is full.
  • Sit Up Straight. When you have a good upright sitting posture, you are automatically engaging and firming up your stomach muscles. A good posture is one where your stomach is pulled in and your shoulders are pushed back. This will help you to burn calories and promote a more efficient metabolism!

Intermediate level:

  • Chug Water. It is recommended that you drink 1.5-2 litres of water every day to maintain a healthy digestive system and optimal hydration for your body. In fact, if you could replace all your sugary drinks with plain water, you are well on your way to a trimmer, slimmer tummy!
  • Good Bacteria. Probiotics help to aid your digestion by preventing any gastrointestinal problems that could lead to a bloated tummy. It helps to expel dietary fats from your body and regulate your appetite so that your cravings are kept in check.

Expert level:

  • Meditation. When you are stressed, your body produces hormones that negatively affects your digestive system that may lead to constipation. Stress also increases the body’s production of cortisol, a “fight or flight” hormone that sends excess fats to your tummy in order to “protect” your vital organs. Take 20 mins every day to relax and do deep breathing exercises.
  • Beauty Sleep. Two women can be on the same diet and same exercise regime but if one of them suffers from sleep deprivation, the net weight loss can be drastically different! Within 4 days of a lack of sleep, your body will be unable to use insulin properly which will lead to excess fat storage and weight gain. Sleep deprivation also causes cravings and increases your appetite.

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