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dorra’s Ultimate Slimming Challenge! | Celebs Joanne, Kimberly & Kewei achieved their dream figure

Joanne Peh’s Successful Ultimate Slimming Challenge with dorra!

Kimberly Chia’s Successful Ultimate Slimming Challenge with dorra!

Kewei’s Successful Ultimate Slimming Challenge with dorra!

Dropping From Size L to S in 3 Months? Local Singer, Kewei, Reveals Her Slimming Hack!

Dorra X KEWEI’S Review| Getting Back My Pre-Pregnancy Body in 3-Months!

Dorra X Kimberly Chia’s Review | 2-Month Weight Loss Challenge!

dorra X Joanne’s 2 Months Weight Loss Journey

#4 Slim Down Without Shedding Sweat | Jayley X dorra Series

#3 Start Your Diet Game Now | Jayley X dorra Series

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#1 The Holy Trinity of Weight Loss | Jayley X dorra Series

SHOUT SG x dorra | Do slimming treatments really work?

No.1 Award-Winning Slimming Treatment | dorra x Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment

dorra | How our treatment help you to lose weight – Animation

Want to slim down? Try Joanne Peh’s #1 method!

#BestExperience Come experience Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment now | dorra Slimming

🎊 Celebrating 10 Years of Effective Lower-Body Slimming 💜

💜 Joanne Peh’s No.1 Method to Slimming 🔥

Fact Check with dorra’s Nutritionist: Speedy Detox Treatment

Grow In Self-Confidence | dorra Slimming x Jocelynn

Professional Push Towards Satisfaction | dorra Slimming x Bhavani

Anticipate New Beginnings | dorra Slimming x Xue Ai

Build Up Happy Motivation | dorra Slimming x Siti

An Empowering Transformation Awaits | dorra Slimming x Angeline

Feel empowered on your own terms | dorra Slimming

Real Customers, Real Results: Lose Up to 5cm in 60 mins | dorra Slimming

Join over 10k successes for an empowering body transformation | dorra Slimming

Jayley’s Choice: Lose up to 5cm in 60 mins!

NOC Sylvia’s First Reaction to Phase 3? Need to Slim Down Quick!

Jayley x dorra Speedy Detox Treatment | Cleanse and Stimulate your body

dorra FB LIVE | Experience our slimming treatment with Jayley

dorra x Jayley’s Favourite $328 Slimming Package

dorra x MaskForTheNation | Stay United and Stay Safe

dorra | Main Sponsor for #maskforthenation

dorra x Denise | Stay slim anytime, anywhere, regardless of any lifestyle changes! ✨

dorra: COVID-19 Precaution Measures

dorra | Best-Selling D’Tea & Jayley’s favourite choice

Jayley’s everyday choice for cleanse & detox!

dorra x Nicole | How dorra slimming treatment had helped her lose weight!

C3 Cream | ? Burn fat for long hours with treatment-like slimming results even while you’re home!

dorra x Ultimate Slimming Package @ ONLY $328

dorra x Jayley | Mother’s Day surprise for her mum during CB

dorra x Jayley | Can’t Get Enough of CNY Feasting?

dorra Slimming x Jayley Woo

Lady First Season 7: Speedy Detox Treatment

HERWORLD SPA Award 2019 : Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment

Singapore Women’s Weekly 2019 SPA Award: Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment

Come experience Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment now

[Happy Mother’s Day] Jayley had a gift for her mum!

Jayley X Dorra | Slim down in just 90mins

Lady First Season 6: Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment

A must watch for all modern women who are too busy to bother about calorie-counting! Check out these go-to tips from Tabitha Nauser and Sonia Chew on losing those inches!

Wanna get toned without slogging it out at the gym? Introducing the sweat-free solution to all wobbly woes! Watch the video to find out the effortless way to a slimmer you!