Lose Weight Fast with These Foods!

Dorra Slim fast granola and berries for weight loss

Forget about crash diets or even skipping meals to lose weight fast, we got you covered with these easy weight loss tips and tricks! What’s more, you get to enjoy eating without the fear of adding additional CMs to your waistline and gaining extra calories!

1. Meat

Eat these: Duck, chicken and fish
White meat has lower fat content, making it an ideal choice for ladies who love the satisfying pieces of meat in their meals!

Avoid these: Pork, beef and mutton
Although they contain minerals that our bodies need, the fat content in them are also very high. Thus eating too much of red meat will cause you to gain weight.


Weight loss tips

  • Opt for healthier cooking options such as grilling, sautéing and baking
  • Trim the skin or avoid the fatty cuts

2. Snacks

Eat these: Nuts, oats and dark chocolate
Nuts such as cashew nuts, almond, and walnuts are especially great for ladies facing bulging tummy problems. They aid in digestion and help to discharge toxin from the body.
Oats help to decrease cholesterol, stabilize glucose level and have a high satiety level, thus keeping one feeling full for a longer time.
Dark chocolate helps to keep your blood vessels healthy and to relieve stress. However, keep it to no more than 60g a day.

Avoid these: Potato chips, preserved dried fruits
Potato chips are usually high in calories, which puts you at risk of weight gain or even obesity! Besides that, it is also high in trans-fat, making you more vulnerable to coronary heart disease.

Dried fruits are typically high in sugar level. Fructose, which makes up about 22 to 51% of this overall sugar level, is known to make one prone to gaining weight.


Weight loss tips

  • Go for real fruits! They are high in fibre, thus keeping you feeling full for a longer time. The sugars are also natural, which makes real fruits a much healthier option.
  • Guilty of office snacking? Guess what. Most of the time, we snack because we are bored, not because we are truly hungry. So store your snacks at places which are harder to reach, or even better, keep them out of sight! See no evil, ‘eat no evil’!

3. Drinks

Have these: Milk, apple cider vinegar, green tea and plain water
According to the World Health Organization, drinking milk and apple cider vinegar regularly helps stimulate your metabolism and increase fat-burning in your body, giving you the weight loss effect. Green tea is especially good for ladies who wish to target belly fat. That is because it contains EGCG, an antioxidant that helps boost metabolism and may specifically target abdominal fat. 

Drinking 6 – 8 glasses of plain water a day helps to ensure that your body is sufficiently hydrated, thus reducing the chances of water retention problems.

Avoid these: Alcohol, soft drinks
Cut down on alcohol as our liver processes alcohol before other carbohydrates and protein, thus the presence of alcohol in the body slows down fat burning. Not to mention the extra calories that come from the unnecessary (and often uncontrollable) snacking while drinking!

Soft drinks are high in calories and sugar yet have no nutritional value. Research has also suggests that the artificial sweeteners in soda may signal our brain to crave for extra food, making us feel hungry even when we actually aren’t!


Weight loss tips

  • If you find plain water too bland for your liking, throw in a few slices of lemon or cucumber for a refreshing taste!
  • If you really have to drink alcohol, avoid cocktails and mixers. Remember, the simpler your drink, the lower the calories.

4. Sauces and Dressings

Use these: Olive oil, balsamic vinegar
Though high in calories, olive oil is a good source of healthy fats and can lower your LDL (bad cholesterol), making it a better option as compared to commercial salad dressings. Vinegar based dressings contain lesser calories than the fat-laden ones. What’s more, vinegar is said to make one feel full faster, thus preventing you from overeating.

Avoid these: Thousand Island dressing, mayonnaise, chilli sauce and ketchup
Stay away from thousand island dressings as they are high in calories, fats and sodium! Fancy some sauces to go with your fries or fried chicken? These condiments can add on a shocking amount of calories and fat. Not to mention, mayonnaise and ketchup are not as healthy as you think! They are loaded with processed sugar, making them unwise options for both your body and weight.

Weight loss tips

  • If you really love eating deep-fried meat, simply peel off the skin of the chicken! Just by doing this, you would consume only half the amount of calories you were supposed to!
  • Portion size makes a big difference! Always go for the smallest size when it comes to the sides or even burgers. Upsizing your meal is a big no-no if you want to lose weight fast and healthily!

Losing Weight with Superfoods
When it comes to weight loss, little changes go a long way. It involves making gradual diet changes that you can live with forever. This way, not only are you less prone to weight rebound, you also get to slim down healthily!


*As the body fat composition varies from person to person, some differences in dorra’s treatment results across individuals are normal and should not been seen as atypical..