Fasting: An Effective Way For Slimming


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Detox Diet Slimming

You may be tempted to fast and consume nothing but water in a quick fix attempt at losing weight. Doing so may get you on your way but many health advocates advise against such drastic measures to lose weight. This is because fasting for any period of time will inadvertently bring your metabolism to a halt and when you resume your regular meals, your body will be tempted to store every calorie consumed as fat in anticipation for the next fast.

Having said that, a short fast, one that lasts between one to three days can help you take a breather from processed foods as you embark on a healthy weight loss journey that includes proper meals and increased physical activity. If you remain ever steadfast in committing to this weight loss method, our essential tips will ensure a safe and ultimately effective process.

Some Things To Take Note Of

It goes without saying that pregnant, nursing women, kids and the elderly should not attempt a fast of any sort as they have nutritional needs that must to be met. If you’ve a history of illnesses or are on certain prescriptions, you should also check with your doctor before attempting any kind of fasting diet.

Keep Physical Activity To A Minimum

A reason why fasts aren’t as endorsed as a weight loss alternative is because they sap you of energy. While increased physical actually is often advocated to help aid weight loss, it’s not recommended for those who fast. As you’re drained of energy and are unable to finish a workout properly, this could potentially cause an injury. Your body’s reserve will also be forced to seek energy resources from lean muscle.

Manage Your Expectations

After just a couple of days, you’ll most likely shed some weight. However, do not expect it to last for the long haul. What you’ve lost is significant water weight that will return the moment you start eating regularly again. You may have difficulty sticking to a complete fast and end up binge eating because of extreme hunger. If you’re going through a fast for a couple of day, try and limit your social functions so you don’t get tempted by others.

Hydrate, And Hydrate Some More

Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water or herbal teas if you want something more savoury. Be mindful not to become dehydrated as it may cause some health problems to arise.

What Are The Types Of Side Effects?

Do take note that as you’ll be giving up alcohol, caffeine and your regular sugar intake, you’re bound to experience the odd headache or two. Hunger can also lead you to become nauseated and lightheaded.

Break Slowly

After your fast, do introduce food intake cautiously as eating a heavy, fatty meal can induce shock to your system. Go with light meals that are packed with fresh produce and lean meats. Your digestive track will need the time to recalibrate and resume to its normal functions. While detox may be helpful for slimming purposes, do consult with an expert before attempting such a diet as there are certain risks associated with it. At Dorra Slim Singapore, we remain ever passionate in instilling confidence among women through our tried and tested slimming treatments. Should you require more information about the list of treatment options, do drop us a line and we’ll get back to you. Even though fasting may help as you attempt to shed the pounds, do consult with your doctor before going through with such a diet as they may be certain risks that could occur. At Dorra Slim Singapore, our commitment to offering effective slimming treatments remains ever true. With a track record of successful procedures and gleaming testimonials, we believe that everyone deserves to look and feel good.

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*As the body fat composition varies from person to person, some differences in dorra’s treatment results across individuals are normal and should not been seen as atypical..