Q: I attended a free trial session with Dorra Slimming last year, am I still be eligible for the current promotion?

  • A: Dorra’s promotion is open to first-time female customers facing lower body weight problems or existing customers of Dorra Slimming who had not visited us for the past 24 months only.

Q: Is there a minimum age for such promotion as I also wish to bring along my sister to try out the promotion?

  • A: Participants of our promotion must be of at least 18 years old and above. For those below 18 years, companion of legal guardian is needed.



Q: I had purchased an online voucher for a treatment session with Dorra Slimming, how do I redeem the slimming treatment(s)?

  • A: You can redeem the promotional slimming treatment with your voucher at any of our Singapore outlets. Please note that our promotion is only valid for redemption in Singapore and cannot be used in conjunction with any another promotion.

Q: Why is prior booking required?

  • A: To minimize waiting time as well as to ensure the availability of dorra’s consultants and treatment rooms, customers are advised to make an appointment prior to your visit by calling our hotline.



Q: What is the entitlement of the treatment voucher?

  • A: On your first visit, a one-on-one consultation with our professional consultant and a detailed body-fat analysis will be provided to identify your weight issue(s). Thereafter, a slimming treatment will be customised based on your weight problems, taking into consideration of your health conditions.

Q: Can I see any immediate treatment result from the trial session?

  • A: Customers can expect a measurable and visible cm loss after each treatment session. Results may differ depending on the individual’s body-fat composition and severity of weight problem.