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Dorra Slim after treatment of post natal weight gain Zaza


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Dorra Slim customer before weight loss treatment

Zaza Majid,

Warna 94.2FM DJ

Post-natal Weight Gain
Lost 4.5 kg
Before: 69.3 kg, After: 64.8 kg

Successful Career Woman, Loving Mom of Two

Having spent 7 years hosting programmes, Warna’s radio personality Zaza Majid has been through thick and thin (be it work or her figure) with her colleagues!

From a young lady, Zaza has matured into a proud mother of two adorable children but while all things are looking bright and sunny for her, there is something that she’d like to see a change in – her body shape.

Which part of your body are you most concerned with?

Zaza: My tummy was my biggest concern as it refrained me from donning certain clothes. I look ugly with a bulging tummy in some clothes.

That must have been tough since you’re a public figure!

Zaza: I’ve always been bothered by post-natal weight gain and the belly fat that I’ve incurred since 3.5 years ago. When I was pregnant with my twins, I gained 25kg and still have not shed the excess weight completely. The belly fat especially does not seem to subside.

Many ladies tried skipping meals to lose weight. What’s your take on this?

Zaza: (Well), I’ve tried all means, low carb diet, workouts, detox drinks and so on but none of these seem to help me lose the belly fat and excess weight that I’ve gained since I gave birth to the twins.

But you’re slimmer now! Care to share your weight loss experience?

Zaza: I’d always wanted to try the treatments offered at dorra, to see if it really works and when I was given the chance, there was no doubt about going for it. I thought this is the best time for me to go through the various treatments that dorra offers and to my amazement, the 1.5 months of professional treatments really work wonders! I was beyond amazed to actually see and feel the difference!

Wow, that’s quite a feat!

Zaza: (Yes), before coming to dorra, I could only fit a size L or XL. After just 1.5 months, I can now fit a size M comfortably. In fact, some of my old clothes do not feel tight anymore! I am very delighted and motivated with this transformation.

“There are no more ugly bulges and that boost my confidence as well. I also feel more alert and energetic these days.”

No pain, no gain – does the mantra apply here?

Zaza: (No!) My consultant, Gina, ensures that I’m comfortable at every visit and treatment. It was so comfortable and relaxing that I fall asleep at almost every session! More importantly, dorra also advised me on nutritional tips and the types of food I should eat and avoid to slim down. I was very disciplined with the treatments and at the same time, eat healthily to reap maximum benefit.

That’s nice! Amazing weight loss results with zero discomfort

Zaza: This would not have been possible if I have not been to dorra, the tummy, hip and thigh slimming expert.

“After 21 treatments, I’ve lost 38.5 cm on my tummy alone. On the whole, I’ve lost 85.2 cm!*”

Your final verdict?

Zaza: I can say that I am now on my way to reclaim my pre-natal figure! dorra has proven its effectiveness by helping to shed the belly fat and post-natal weight gain. If I can do it, so can you! Come on down to dorra, the tummy, hip and thigh slimming expert!