Decoding detox diets – do they really work?


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Detox diets are becoming increasingly popular around the globe. Promising to help you lose weight with simple, straightforward diet restrictions and limitations, detox diets have become the first resort for women hoping to lose a few extra inches around their waists. While they might sound like a quick fix, very little research has been done to prove the benefits of detox diets. So many of us are left to wonder – do they actually work? Find out everything you should know about detox diets, and
whether or not they’re worth the effort.


While lots of people who undergo detox diets claim to feel healthier and more energetic during the process, studies suggest that the usual detox diet might actually be keeping you from getting the nutrients you need. There are specific dietary requirements that should be met every day, so with detox diets being so restrictive, you might not be able to meet the bare minimum. You’d be better off supplementing your detox diet with good eating habits and heading to the gym instead for some cellulite exercises.


Unless you’ve got a pre-existing medical condition, your kidneys and liver are more than equipped to clear your body of any toxins. So, whatever ‘toxins’ you clear from your system as the result of detox might just be stools. Because detox diets are often high in fiber, they can cause more frequent bowel movements, which many mistake for detoxification.


If you intend to embark on a year-long detox, you may well see results. But if you were hoping a week’s worth of crash dieting would help you squeeze into that tight-fitting dress, you need to rethink your course of action. A better alternative would be to engage in exercises to remove cellulite to achieve a slimmer, leaner appearance. This, in combination with a healthy balanced diet, can be much more effective over a short period of time.


If you’re really keen to go on a detox diet, be sure to talk to your doctor first. These diets can actually put you at risk of a few health issues, so it’s always better to ask your physician for their advice before engaging in any drastic dietary changes. Normally, doctors will suggest that you start on a cellulite workout along with an improvised diet. However, they may also give you more realistic guidelines to go about your detox so as not to put your health at risk.


Because detox diets are seen as the easy way out of obesity, they’re the most commonly used method for weight loss. However, as they’re not really as effective, you may want to try better alternatives that can give you real results.

Workouts to remove cellulite and excess fat aren’t actually all that difficult. Plus, you can modify exercises at the start to meet your physical capacity without tiring you out too much. Instead of going on a full dietary detox, try reducing your daily food intake and steer clear of food that’s obviously bad for you. Although these steps might take a little more effort, you can be sure to get results out of them.

Detox diets might seem like great ways to lose weight, but there are more effective methods and treatments you can seek. Here at Dorra Slimming, we’ve got the best team of weight loss experts, specialists, and doctors dedicated to helping you achieve the best version of yourself. Get in touch with our specialists today and find out how we help you achieve your fitness goals with our tried and tested world-class slimming treatments.


*As the body fat composition varies from person to person, some differences in dorra’s treatment results across individuals are normal and should not been seen as atypical..