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    Client's Testimonial



    Chew Sze Meen Joavince

    21 years old*

    Before: 60.5kg, Size XXL

    After: 47.7kg, Size XS

    Problem: Nutrition-caused Weight Gain






    She says

    “If I had to summarise my review of dorra’s treatments in a sentence, this would be it – remarkable weight loss results that dieting, exercising, taking detox teas or even slimming powder couldn’t achieve! Fast and effective, I lost 6cm instantly after my 1st treatment at dorra. Now with my XS size figure, I can wear pretty designs and shorts confidently.”

    Client's Review
    Picture Review Customer Date
    From being plump to having a figure Want to say bye bye to my body fat for many years, now Dorra helps me to make it. Thanks my dear consultant Carene. She is so nice and friendly to explain to me how the treatment works and give me some tips on my healthy diet. She reminds me to follow healthy-plan meal and drink plenty of water, which helps me to have a healthy eating habit. I am pleased with my weight lose and I have a nice body shape now. Thank you Carene for your efforts and encouragement,I will sure continue my treatment and maintainance with Dorra.
    Lai Hui Tin 10 November 2016
    Many Thanks to Dorra No words can express my gratitude towards Dorra and Alison but everything melts down to a full thank you. An excellent slimming centre with professional consultant like Alison who is always willing to compromise with my last minute appointments at odd timings. Thank you for all the encouragements which is often my fuel of motivations. Upon joining Dorra till now, it has been a full 6 months. Now, I am proud to share that I have slimmed down from 69.3kg to 58.9kg. Therefore, once again, many thanks to Dorra. Lastly, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Alison. She is a very well-trained and professional consultant that will make every treatment a fun session to attend. For a millionth times, I am grateful to have you as my consultant!
    Sin Ye 3 November 2016