Cellulite on Skinny People: Unveiling The Cold Hard Truths

One of the biggest myth that people believe about cellulite is that only people who are overweight suffers from it. But the truth is, skinny and fit people are suffering the same problems too!

Cottage cheese, orange peel, and ‘dimples’ are common words associated with cellulite. So the question is…

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the uneven appearance and lumpiness on our skin. Although its name makes it sound like it is a form of medical condition but actually it is just fat beneath the skin. The cause of its appearance is because of the fat under the skin pushing against the connective tissue.

Dorra Slim the forming of cellulite
As it is seen in the image above, the more skin fat cells there are, the more it presses against the connective tissue which causes its protruding appearance on the outside.

Now we know what cellulite is, let us look at some hard truths about it. Yikes!

Hard Truths You Have to Face

1. You can’t prevent cellulite
Maybe you’ve been hoping that you’ll be that lucky one who will never have cellulite. I’m sorry to say that it will never happen. The truth is, everyone is prone to it, and it is just a matter of time.

2. The appearance of cellulite can be improved
There is a whole skin care market that is built on the industry in getting rid of cellulite. Although some treatments are quite effective, results differ from specialists to specialists.

3. Cellulite is hereditary
If you have family members who have cellulite, then you will most likely get it too. Researches have shown that cellulite runs in our genes, things like the speed of metabolism, distribution of fat under the skin, ethnicity, and circulatory level affects it too.

Not all dimples look cute! Cellulite plagues even the best of us and if you are embarrassed by its unsightly dimpled appearance on your skin, we have some tips just for you!

1. Active Lifestyle
Eat, Sit, Sleep – repeat. This is the lives of most white-collar workers. And sadly it is also the creation of an inactive lifestyle. The more inactive you are, the less blood circulation you have and the more cellulite appears. So it is very useful to do cardio exercises such as swimming, running and walking to increase our blood circulation and loosen our fat tissues.

2. Diet
Often when people see the word diet, many will think of diet fads, becoming vegan and eating clean. But it doesn’t have to be that unbearable, just by cutting down on processed and artificial food which contains sweeteners, additives and chemicals goes a long way. And if diet sounds boring, you can always take up 30-days challenges or do it with a friend to make it more fun!

3. Stay Hydrated
Water is your best friend as staying hydrated is very important for lightening up cellulite. Drinking water and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables with high water content is very effective because it will keep the connective tissues strong.

The misconception that cellulite only affects overweight women has got to go. On the contrary, people who practice unhealthy lifestyles through their diet and by sitting idly by hours on end doing nothing; are more susceptible to developing cellulite.

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*As the body fat composition varies from person to person, some differences in dorra’s treatment results across individuals are normal and should not been seen as atypical..