Body Detox : Do These to Lose Weight Effectively

The power of detox diet took over the world in a whirlwind, in the promise of losing weight fast and effectively by following their formulated cleansing plan to achieve a slimmed, toned silhouette. Advocates of #teamfitspo would swear by eating clean and detox to achieve their physique, and how it helps to drop those pounds.

Dorra Slim detox lemon water for detox

In order to achieve a flatter tummy or slimmer hips, we research on articles how to detox but more often than not, the search comes back with meal plans that are difficult to maintain. Not to mention the ‘cold pressed’ juices, and the price tag that comes along with it will definitely slim down your wallet, that’s for sure. For the average Jane, it is not a long-term plan that we can stick through without taking up too much of our pay cheque.

Let’s be honest, many of us have to juggle multiple roles in life and there’s limited time to exercise or prepare home-made meals. Here are some simple ways you can detox your body without overwhelming yourself.

How to Detox With These Simple Steps

Detoxing does offer a great deal of benefits to your body and gives you the boost required for those daily activities by clearing up the toxin being build up in our body through pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol and processed foods.

However, as with any diet regime, your detox diet should be consistent and takes time to see the results.

Step 1

Drink at least 1.8L of water a day, which is about 8 glasses of water. You can pace out for 1 glass of water in the morning before you start your day, and drink up 15 minutes before every meal. Not only will it help clear the toxins in your system, this will decrease your food intake for each meal which in turn helps in losing weight.

Fun Fact!
Avoid drinking more than 3-4 cups of water within an hour as it may exceed your kidney’s maximal excretion rate which may cause acute water toxicity.

Step 2

Ensure sufficient daily intake of vitamin C. Most of the detox drink recipes almost always includes citrus fruits due to the high vitamin C available in them. Although it does not directly helps in losing weight, but it helps in increasing the rate that our burn off fats when we do moderate to high intensity exercises.

Fun Fact!
It is good to replenish Vitamin C if you hit the gym often as it is a necessity for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body.

Step 3

Include high fibre food into your detox diet by choosing brown rice over white rice. Vegetables such as cabbage, radishes and broccoli are the great in weight loss as well. Make a conscious decision to include at least two items of high fibre during lunch to bring your diet plans further.

Fun Fact!
If you like your daily dose of brewed coffee, you’d be glad to know that there are traces of fibre in your coffee, too! Coffee beans contains dietary fibre which aids in your digestive system.
Dorra Slim detox with high fibre foods

Moderation is Key

Detox diets also severely limit protein and other important nutrients; and this can result in fatigue. Long-term fasting can also cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Other possible side effects of detox diets include cramping, bloating, dehydration, nausea and vomiting.

For every weight loss tips and methods, it should always be taken with a pinch of salt. Overdoing these detox diet will only put your body into starvation mode and reduce your natural metabolism rate and slow down the fat burning process in you. Without putting proper thought in your diet plan, the rapid weight loss will rebound as soon as you start having proper meals.

It is still important to take some time aside to do some moderate to high intensity exercise to purge all the toxins out of your system.

*As the body fat composition varies from person to person, some differences in dorra’s treatment results across individuals are normal and should not been seen as atypical..