5 Most Common Weight Loss Myths You Should Stop Now

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Have you ever been disappointed after practising “proven” weight loss strategies that guaranteed rapid weight loss in just a few days? Getting in shape simply doesn’t happen overnight.

Today, many people are falling prey to false weight loss strategies that claim to achieve a slimmer body in a short period of time. To ensure that you don’t fall victim to these fads, here are the five most common weight loss myths you should stop believing right now:

Myth 1: Supplements are Solely Enough to Lose Weight

Though testimonies claim that taking supplements is an effective weight loss plan, they are not enough. Weight loss is a multi-step process that requires you to go through multiple phases before you arrive at your goal. Many people who take supplements do not actually lose weight as a direct result but only perceive that they do. This is called the Placebo Effect, where the subject perceives a particular drug as effective because he or she is aware of (and fully believes) the drug and its expected effect.

Myth 2: Snacking Is a Big No-No

If you think eating a granola bar is a crime against your fitness routine, then you better think again. When your tummy rumbles out of hunger, eating a piece of protein or carbohydrate will not hurt. In fact, snacking prevents you from binge eating later because your stomach is already busy processing the snack you ingested earlier. Nutritionists suggest that it is better to eat five small meals instead of three large meals a day. Though snacking itself is not a bad idea at all, food choices should still be taken into consideration. Scrap the junk food and eat an apple instead.

Myth 3: All Fast Food Are Unhealthy

Fast food do not necessarily equate to junk food. It does not mean that all fast food will fail to provide you with the essential nutrients for your body. Instead of focusing on the time it takes to prepare the food, consider food that contain the right nutritional content. Eat a salad instead or choose to grill your food.

Myth 4: “I Should Remove All Carbohydrates In My Diet”

Carbs come in different forms, which means they are not necessarily your weight loss enemy. In fact, you need some carbs in your life! It is one of the macronutrients your body needs in order to function normally. Although carbohydrates can contribute to weight gain, it is still important to consume them in moderation. They vary in calories and glycemic indices so make choices with these in mind. You may also substitute carbs with protein and fat. When you have enough energy, your metabolism works rapidly which consequently reduces your cravings.

Myth 5: Fasting is The Best and Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Stop the notion that if you don’t eat, you’ll naturally lose weight. Fasting may be one of the many diet strategies to lose weight, but the body tends to utilize alternative sources of energy by burning proteins and fats, thus making it unhealthy in the long run. Starving oneself can lead to serious health conditions. Therefore, do not deprive yourself. Instead, aim to eat 5 small meals spread throughout the day, and accompany your diet plan with muscle-building exercises.

The road to achieving your fitness goals can be challenging. There are no shortcuts, but you can prepare yourself with the right level of discipline and determination. Contact our team of specialists today and let us help you achieve the slimmer body you deserve.


*As the body fat composition varies from person to person, some differences in dorra’s treatment results across individuals are normal and should not been seen as atypical..