11 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight Fast & Effectively!

Forget about skipping meals, low carb diets and other diet fads. The reason why many women spend at least half of their lifetime trying to lose weight is that they often adopt an unrealistic approach when in fact, losing weight shouldn’t even be a dreadful process. Simply follow these easy (yet effective) tips and you’d never have to wonder how to lose weight ever again!

Tip 1: Sleep 30 Minutes More a Night

Sleep deprivation lowers our metabolic rate and causes us to desire comfort food for a quick shot of energy. Having an extra half an hour of sleep can refresh you enough to make better food choices and boost your metabolism to burn more calories at rest.

Tip 2: Sing in the shower

Channel your inner rock star or belt out the latest hits when showering! Just 20 minutes of singing alone burns approximately 42 calories! (What a great deal this is – considering that it burns the same amount of calories as 20 minutes of mopping.) Want to lose weight fast? Why not head off to karaoke sessions and groove along with the beats? Physical movements help you to burn more calories, making it a perfect alternative to repetitive exercise regime.

Tip 3: Laugh out loud

According to research, having a good laugh for 15 minutes burns approximately 40 calories. What’s more, experts say having a good laugh causes your abs to contract and gives you a flatter tummy in the long run. On another note, laughing also helps to reduce your stress level by lowering the level of stress hormone, cortisol, in your body. This means that lesser fat accumulates at your tummy area and in turn, you could lose some belly fats without even trying hard!

Tip 4: Have a heavy breakfast

Another fast way to lose weight is to ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper’. Studies have found that people who consume half of their daily calories at breakfast reportedly felt less hungry during the day and found it easier to stick to their meal plan. Besides this, having a breakfast that includes sweet treats also helps you to lose weight fast, by boosting your metabolism and curbing your afternoon or evening cravings for junk food.

Tip 5: Take deep breaths

While this doesn’t directly help in weight loss, taking deep breaths helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles, creating the illusion of a flatter and more toned tummy. So lose belly fat the smart (and zen) way! You don’t have to go all out and torture yourself with numerous crunches to achieve the weight loss effect.

Tip 6: Wait for 20 minutes

Our brain takes approximately 20 minutes to register the feeling of fullness. So rather than rushing to order your dessert after your main course, why not just have a chit chat with your dining companions. Unless you really still feel hungry after 20 minutes passed, give the sugary treats a skip and your stomach will thank you for that later.

Tip 7: Pinch your ear lobes for 10 seconds

This is a great way to control your cravings and thus lose weight healthily if you’re someone who always gives in to cravings. Pinching your ear lobes for 10 seconds is an ancient acupuncture secret. By pressing on these pressure points, you’d be better able to control your cravings. In fact, in a study published by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, participants who adopted the acupressure techniques were better able to maintain their weight loss compared to those who didn’t.

Tip 8: Cut up your food into tiny pieces

An easy way to lose weight effectively is to cut your food into bite-sized pieces. Doing so will help to create an optical illusion and trick your brain into thinking that there’s more on the plate, which translates into eating less while still feeling satisfied.

Tip 9: Drink Warm Water

If you want to lose weight, say no to ice-cold water. Instead, opt for warm water, which helps you to feel fuller more quickly, especially if you have a glass of it before your meal. Besides that, our stomach has a layer of fats wrapped around it to protect the internal organs. Drinking cold water frequently may encourage more fats to build up around the stomach in order to keep it warm. What this means is that instead of getting to lose your belly fat, this in turn causes your tummy to become bigger!

Tip 10: Take your weight on Wednesday

Yes, there’s something magical about Wednesdays! According to experts, weighing yourself on Wednesdays help you to lose the most weight. This is because our weight is least likely to fluctuate on a Wednesday (across weeks), hence giving a better reflection of our true weight condition. Measurements and comparisons (weight gain or loss) are therefore more accurate. For those who want to lose weight fast, take your weight daily! You might not like what you’re seeing on the scale but taking your weight daily helps you to stay on track and start making adjustments to your meal plans or lifestyle if needed.

Tip 11: Eat with a blue plate

Blue is known to suppress one’s appetite naturally because this colour is almost never found in any natural food. So eating off a dark blue plate may allow you to eat a smaller portion without making any conscious effort! This means lesser calories, your ticket to achieving the ideal figure you’ve always wanted!


*As the body fat composition varies from person to person, some differences in dorra’s treatment results across individuals are normal and should not been seen as atypical..